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This free site has been specifically designed for the tradesman, home handymen and renovators.


Find trade quality products here. Tradies, list your surplus stock, cancelled orders, obsolete items, leftovers, off cuts, hand tools, power tools, battery tools, trade vehicles and businesses. For trade-based shops with tables in the middle of the floor with old stock you can’t move, list it here!

This site also includes employment opportunities.

For school leavers, post an ad on here if you’re looking for an apprenticeship.

For retiring tradies, make your wife happy, list your shed’s contents here. You don’t need it anymore! Remember, you’re retired!

Tradies will always have a shed full of remnants, list them here!

For the home renovator and handyman, find what you need here.

This site is designed to bring together, the tradie who has, and the person that is looking for what he has. For those who don’t need to buy full quantities, for those looking for obsolete items like switches, taps, doors etc.

Save these items from becoming unnecessary landfill.

Click on in, have a look around. You will save more than a bundle…… is all about finding a home for a tradesman’s surplus stock.

Even your smallest sole trader tradesman, such as myself, has a shed full of bits and pieces left over from jobs. Every town, suburb and city has tradesmen and tradeswomen who have money tied up in surplus stock, sitting idle in garages and warehouses, willing to sell it at cost or below, just to be rid of it.

Well, here is the place! The site now also includes vehicles, trade businesses for sale as well as employment opportunities. Apprenticeships, full time, part time and casual work.


My Story

The idea first arose when I looked around my home and saw that I had a shed full of leftover stock. I am only a small single-person business, and I would have thousands of dollars in remnants, leftovers, offcuts and cancelled orders. It got me thinking, imagine how much similar stock is out there, sitting in sheds, that someone may be looking for.

This site has so many tenticles, it has now grown to include all things trade based; vehicles, businesses and employment opportunities. It costs nothing to list your stock, vehicle, business, job vacancies or a school leaver looking for an apprenticeship.



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